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Paul Godwin. Designer of Amore Puro & Pratch Shoes

While serving as a combat photographer in the Air Force Reserves, Paul discovered his natural eye for the lens, which led him to become a freelance photographer.  Paul's portfolio includes portraits, landscapes, weddings and event photography.  

Paul turned his hobby of creating intricate graphic design on his computer into abstract artwork.  His eye for the lens, combined with his creativity, opens the door for intellectual conversation.  

In 2019, Paul decided to take his creativeness to shoe design.  He wanted his designs to be upscale, comfortable, and made of quality materials.  He searched out and found a company in Italy, to bring his designs to life.  The company has been in business for more than 20 years.  Paul's ability to design shoes of this caliber, makes him able to compete with the top shoe designers out today.  Look for his designs in stores soon!!!



1997 Annapolis Exchange Pkwy

suite 300

Annapolis, Md 21201

Tel: 443-231-4495

Monday - Friday: 11.00 - 18.30


Saturday: 11.00 - 17.00


Sunday: Closed 

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